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Egyptian American Friendship Association is planning its First Annual
gala will include dinner and entertainment to celebrate EGYPTIAN

The success of this event is credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their
names and financial support to the event.

By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from extended
exposure through media campaigns and promotional efforts directed
toward the supporters of Egyptian American Friendship Association. For a
small donation, you'll be able to enjoy excellent exposure to this important
segment of your target audience.

We have five levels of sponsorship packages, as detailed on the enclosed
sponsorship commitment form. You can select the level of participation
that best meets your needs, and be secure in the knowledge that your
sponsorship fee will be used strictly to cover the cost of the event
We're counting on your support, and will be happy to answer any questions
you may have. Please return your sponsorship commitment form in the
enclosed envelope or fax it to (818) 567-2122.

We thank you in advance for your willingness to support the efforts of the
Egyptian American Friendship Association and make a difference in our